Spirit Reaper

Magical bow

weapon (ranged)

This bow has the power to harvest the souls of those it kills. The power that is gained from the harvested souls is stored up in the bow and allows for devastating attacks to be unleashed by the wielder until the power given by the souls runs out.


Created by the legendary craftsmen of the village of Ulilian the bow was bought by the elf Thealis Aalerain who, after the disappearance of Ulilian, became a craftsman himself. When he finally met Juxtas Daenel in Ithiliar he gave the bow to Juxtas as a present. Juxtas gave the name Spirit Reaper to the bow because of its power and its grim appearance. The bow is designed as a hunters bow but looks as if hundreds of skulls are trying to push their way out of the bow with a prominent skull near the middle of the bow.

Spirit Reaper

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